Jews in ancient egypt

The history of Jews in ancient Egypt traces back thousands of years, during biblical times when Jews started migrating to Egypt, as a result of persecutions. Egypt has for thousands of years been a key place in the history of the Jewish people. Due to the development of cities like Alexandria in Egypt and the construction of the Suez Canal, Jews migrated to Egypt. There was a need for people with skills needed for the development of the Egyptian cities and the creation of the Suez Canal.

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Challenges Jews in ancient Egypt

People, among them the Jews migrated to Egypt from different places such as Spain and Europe. This resulted in the Jews in Egypt facing different challenges. Among the challenges faced by Jews include


They have to learn the language as the dominant Arabic language. The use of language is an indicator of social status. In towns and schools, young people use French and English. French is also the language for offices. At this time use of Arabic is happening in the markets and to speak to savants. If an individual speaks Arabic, the assumption is they are poor, or uneducated. The major languages for the educated were English and French.

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Throughout the history of Jews in ancient Egypt, intermarriage was an issue as people even ate different foods. Marriage between people of different religions was a challenge. For example, Muslims did not allow their girls to be married to people of other religions. This is because it is viewed as lowering the status of Islam.

Urban housing

People lived close to each other based on their families and their shared values such as religion. This led to the development of other housing projects as people moved away from the old cities. These cities were crowded and sanitation was not observed.

Religion, family, and language played a major role throughout the history of Jews in ancient Egypt. This is because it determined how people interacted, married, and where they lived. The presence of Jews in Egypt has definitely helped curve the culture of the people and the nation. If you need any religion assignment help, then talk to the assignment vibe today.