writing a college application essay

Writing a college application essay, or letter should not be taken lightly. Remember this is your introduction to the college selection board. Therefore, you have a few words to tell them about yourself, your goals, and aspirations. It is necessary to understand what it entails, and how to craft a position winning piece.

To begin with, start with a self-evaluation to understand what you want from the institution and what you will bring to the table. Classify your thoughts in to below categories, so as to write a well organized college application essay.

Application essay checklist

  1. Your motivation or why you like to study a particular course. This can include your goals to join a particular career.
  2. Your experience – Do you have experience in a related field? have you been doing something to further grow your desire for the particular field of study?
  3. Why are you choosing to study at this institution? You can quote the institution’s reputation as the best in the particular field. Maybe your grandfather went to the same school, or everyone in your family has gone there and they are successful. This makes it a family tradition that you also aspire to follow.
  4. What do you have to offer- Will you share your experience during the class learning and the discussion sessions. Are you the type of student that helps others understand and learn from your experience to make the learning process a joy?
  5. How will the skills gain benefit you and society? Are you going to use the knowledge to improve lives and assist humanity?

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